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The Role of White Missionaries in Africa

All three men we interviewed, Catholic priest Father Theophilus Okpara, and John Danquah and Charles Obimbo, both ministers carrying the prophecies of William Branham, had great praise for the missionaries who brought Christianity to their ancestors.

Father Theophilus Okpara's homeland, Nigeria, was colonized by the British in the late 19th century. The British national church is Episcopalian, but Catholic priests from Ireland brought Christianity and European education to the Igbo, a tribe or ethnic group in eastern Nigeria. Okpara's grandfather followed traditional Igbo religious practices, but he sent his children to the Catholic school. Okpara's father became Catholic, and he sent Okpara and his siblings to the Catholic school, as well.

John Danqua comes from Ghana, another British colony. His parents were Methodist and Episcopalian -- two of the major Protestant denominations in England. Danquah's appreciation of the missionaries is deep. He told us, "We want to thank God for the missionaries because the missionaries that came to Africa came with only one purpose, to give Christ to that continent. And they did their job. They never understood our language, our cultures. They sat down with us, they taught us how to read and write, they built schools. They did their job. Most of them died in mosquito infested areas, amoebas, I mean the conditions of inhygienic tropical areas, I mean exposed to all kinds of germs and stuff like that. Most of them couldn't take it. In fact, it was even referred to as the white man's grave."

The British "adventurers," he said, were not so benevolent. They came for wealth, exploiting the Africans.

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